According the new regulations of polish government on April 16th 2020, it is required to cover the face in all public places.
Let’s cover our faces! Let’s protect ourselves and others!


Are you bored of disposable white, blue or green masks?
Now you have the opportunity to stand out. Choose one of our designs!
The mask profile will thoroughly protect your lips and nose. The polyester material is flexible and soft, so very comfortable. The mask, thanks to its easy washing, can be easily kept clean.


Full and complex protection of the face – eyes, nose and lips! Reusable, durable and easy to clean – a solution that will perfectly protect your health.

Why is protection so important?


Coronavirus disease is mainly transmitted through contact with infected people, who sneeze or cough. It also spreads when somebody touches the surface or object on which the virus resides, and after that, touches eyes, nose or mouth. You have to remember to wash your hands regularly and to protect your mouth and nose, so that you do not expose yourself, and you do not expose others to the virus.

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